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Some call it the Allswage FART… Fast Action Response Truck… This is something we have been thinking about and talking to our customers about for some time, the boom of the modern Pickup Truck in the UK has meant many more people are using them as daily drivers and include them in their fleets. By converting the rear of them to include drawers and shelving we are able to provide storage for hydraulic hose and the associated fittings. The capacity is less than a full-sized van, but the truck isn’t aimed at replacing mobile hydraulic hose repair vans, its designed to be a different tool within your fleet. Traditionally the Trucks on your fleet may have a different job description, but we believe once converted they will enhance your service offering. Companies supporting industries will have come across customers who have blown a hose on a machine that is stuck in the middle of a field, buried down the bottom of a forest or way down in the bottom of a quarry. The off-road capabilities of your truck will allow you to get to the machine and replace the hose without getting stuck or damaging your van and provide your customer a more complete and quicker and easier service.

This particular truck has a 12v Techmaflex swager (S Crimp 1370 EVOR) and one of our own 12v saws (ACS-128), giving you the capacity to make up hoses from 3/16” through to 1.1/4”. Powered by a Clayton Power LPS 11 all -in-one lithium power supply system with 12v and 230v output this conversion allows you to work off grid for days replacing hydraulic hoses. With only 1 hour recharge time from a 230v hook up, or if hard wired to the truck, from just 1 hour of driving time! This very powerful, compact and lightweight unit is a combined power supply, charger, inverter & solar panel regulator – perfect for losing in the back of the truck.

For the storage element of this conversion we used System Edstrom racking, as their oldest Approved Dealer in the UK, working with them for over 25 years, their very robust lightweight and sustainable racking is perfect for this conversion. The carrying capacity of the 138 x 470 x 440mm drawers is 100kg! and with a 90% extension its easy to get to the parts at the back of the drawers. Sitting on top of this are some storage shelves, and to make the shelf more accessible they are on runners and extend out side the side door of the canopy. The heart of this mobile truck workshop, (saw, swager, powerpack) all sit on a System Edstrom slide out platform, 1300 x 400mm and 90% extension this platform carries 300kg (more than man enough for the 148kg kit its carrying!).

All of this kit sits on the ultimate flooring system, Legends Stabili-Grip floor – an extreme anti-slip rigid composite floor, engineered to endure all climates & temperatures without warping or bulging. Extremely durable, impact/puncture resistant, rot proof this 9.8mm floor is perfect for mounting racking to and using in a harsh service vehicle environment.

The Ford Ranger in this conversion is a Wildtrak X, it has a GVW of 3200kgs and after this conversion it has a 600kg payload.

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