Allswage celebrates 40 years!

June 2023 marks Allswage’s 40th anniversary. Customers benefit from unrivalled experience in hose assembly equipment, mobile workshops and van racking. But how did this all happen?

Find out how hose assembly specialists diversified into mobile workshops and van racking specialists. 40 years unrivalled experience is an important milestone for our customers, as well as us. Here’s a little bit of our history to explain why.

Join us in the 80s!

Guess who’s a West Bromwich Albion fan?

The company formed by David West in June 1983, was initially called Albion Hose. As well as avid motorsport fans, many of the Allswage team join the likes of Julie Walters, Lenny Henry and Frank Skinner as committed ‘baggies’ fans.

Although, later changing its name to Allswage Ltd, its HQ remains in West Bromwich today – true to its roots.

Swaging UK and overseas

“In the early years, we were selling and servicing the popular Beattie swaging system. About half of our business involved exporting hose, fittings and swaging equipment, as well as repairing overseas machines” David explains.

“But by the mid-90s, in looking for a modern quality swaging alternative we were asked to take on the Techmaflex distributorship. We’ve never looked back.”

Alswage and Techmaflex have been working together successfully since 1995.

Allswage at IFPEX and getting mobile

David continues, “Our partnership with Techmaflex enabled Allswage to move to the next level. We headed to our first exhibition with them in 1995 – The International Fluid Power Exhibition (IFPEX).

“And together we developed a swaging head for mobile machinery, which were becoming increasingly popular with so many customers needing ‘on the road’ hose assembly solutions.

“And helping our customers get mobile, alongside our motorsport experience, soon saw us recruiting van fitters and developing expertise in van racking solutions for mobile workshops.”

Watch out for Part 2 of our 40 year history to learn more…

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